In my furniture painting adventure, I am also attracted to drawered pieces – just like this latest one. When I found this old and little bit bored chest of drawers, there was no question I must give it a new life. And then, when I brought it home, came the big dilemma: what colour and design to choose?

Every newly found piece I view as a big clean canvas

There are so many options and possibilities! And so many ideas! So, what I usually do is that I do not rush it. I keep it around me, so that whenever I pass by, I can have a look, and listen what he wants to tell. Because these old furniture pieces have their own ideas too about what they want to become. As time passed, the picture became more and more clear in my mind.

First of all, of course, our experienced carpenter gave the furniture all the repair it needed. And in case of an old piece like this, of which the origin goes back to several decades, there are always a lot of wear and tear that needs repairing. We also gave all the surfaces the needed thorough preparation before painting: that involves sanding, priming and using stain blocker to prevent tannins or stains that could leak through the fresh paint. Primers also guarantee a good adhesion of the new paint.

Living in the Mediterranean area,

I’ve noticed that when choosing my colour designs, I quite frequently end up with blue shades. And it’s not a big secret why – blue is the colour of water, the basic element in life, the sky above and the sea around us. Blues convey a sense of cleanliness and peace, and something ethereal and spiritual as well. It calms us and strengthens our trust in the universe.

When I began to layer the different shades, it still wasn’t clear what the finished design will be. All I knew is that I want to achieve a transition of dark and light blues, and to achieve it by the traditional artistic way, that is layering the different shades, rather than simply blending them on the surface. So altogether I used at least 10 different colours and colour shades, and several different painting techniques.

While painting I also had time to dream about the other design elements I will add to the piece. And while browsing the internet for furniture design ideas, I came across this Prima Marketing furniture transfer with that powerful and motivational Bible quotation from Proverbs – and I immediately knew this is what I want: to make this furniture not only a functional piece, not only an artistic piece, but besides these a motivational piece as well. A daily reminder that there are things that are superior to the things we own, a reminder that while surrounding ourselves with beauty can feed our soul, but our spirit cries out for feeding too; a reminder that looking further than we can see is what makes our life full.

Besides the motivational text, the new design of this furniture has a lot of other details: colour layers, patterns, floral design elements, brass leaf, metal effect touches at the edges, painted inner parts, patterns on the sides of the drawers… All small details add to the big picture. Finally, I gave it several coats of protective wax finish, which always has an exceptionally beautiful silky sheen, that makes the whole design complete and harmonious.

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