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Our passion is to renovate and repurpose old previously loved furniture pieces. To breath new life into them with colours and decorative elements. We love the whay how these old furniture are being transformed with each and every brushstroke! Our style is blended, layered, colorful statement pieces, with a lot of details. On most of our finished furniture there is no surface left untouched! Our unique designs can create stunning statement piece for your home!

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Why to choose refinished furniture,
instead of newly made?

Refinished furniture has become a trend recently – actually in the last 20 years or so. Many people have a passion for it – either to buy such pieces, or to make them. The motivation behind can vary, not everyone choose it for the same reason. Some of the motivation forces are really good reasons though and can make all of us think. Let’s see now some of the main reasons why to choose refinished furniture, instead of newly made ones.

Saves treasures and value

This is one of our No1 motivation behind our refinishing job. We believe that a beautiful solid wood furniture deserves to be preserved for long. Even if its style is little bit outdated, it still represents value. It’s made of quality material (solid wood), and during the years it has accumulated stories of lives and events around which adds to its value. By refinishing, we can preserve the valuable part of it. And by giving it a fresh new design to match contemporary interiors we can prolong its lifespan for the newer generations.

Saves you money

Why? Mainly because a furniture which was originally made of quality sturdy wood, and refinished to high standards by experts, will last long and represent real value for good. So it definately is a long term investment. By carefully choosing the right piece it can serve you for a whole life.

These are our main motivation forces behind our furniture refinishing work. And they make us able to cultivate a passion for our work. A passion for furniture, for uniqueness, for quality, for nature, for trees, for environment, for creativity. And we have the hope that we can pass it on.

Protect nature and environment

How so? Well, it definitely does so in several ways. Each piece of factory-made new furniture contributes to environment pollution and nature destruction. Producing new materials require either cutting trees, or, in case of the laminate sheets, using harmful and not recycleble substances. Laminate sheets cannot be reused or recycled, due to their chemical compounds even burning them is extremely harmful to environment. And the whole process of mass-producing new modern furniture – the factories, machiniery, shipping – highly contributes to pollution. Also, whenever we decide to buy newly made furnishing, our old pieces usually end up at waste collection sites, and in many cases they literally become a waste. So, all these things considered, by choosing to refurbish or refinish a furniture, or buying refinished ones we can contribute remarkably to protect nature and environment. And it’s our responsibility to do so, for our children, for our Earth.

Add a special atmosphere to your home

Mass-production usually results in having the same style in every home. On the other hand, a uniquely designed refinished furniture from a small artisan manufacture can really add uniqueness to your home. It’s mainly because they are one of a kind pieces, there are never two pieces alike. And since refinishing can be done in a lot of different styles, you can choose the one that fits the most in your home and matches your personality.


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Reloved Furniture Malta is a small family business located on the sunny islands of Malta, right in the middle of the majestic Mediterranean. Me and my husband have been living here for quite a few years, and have made the mediterranean lifestlye our own. The plenty of sunshine and the nearness of the beautiful sea gives enough inspiration to any artistic minded people –us too.

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